Leisure Activities

Watamu has much to offer to make your vacation a most unforgettable experience! Exciting activities and breathtaking attractions abound this special Kenian destination. There is just so much to discover about this place and its warm and friendly people.




Gede Ruins is a 12th Century Swahili village that was mysteriously abandoned some 600 years ago due to unknown causes. It is now a National Museum, and the ruins are heavily overgrown with beautiful indigenous forest trees, baobabs and tamarind. Well worth a walk and a visit. Look out for Syke's Monkeys, and the Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew can also be seen here. A quiet, careful look in some of the old wells can turn out the odd owl, too.



There are some great geological oddities in the world, and the Marafa Depression is one of them. Also known as Hell's Kitchen, it is located in Malindi, Kenya. Locals call it “Nyari” which means ‘the place broken by itself'.
Marafa is a beautiful natural wonder. People say it is quite wondrous to see especially when the sun is going down. The sun's rays hit the rocks in such a way that you can see all the colours of the rocks as they roll over all the nooks and crannies.
Local folklore says it is God's punishment on one family. This family would bathe in their cow's milk. God was so displeased with them for wasting precious milk, that he opened up the ground beneath them. And the depression that we see today is the result.
The rocks are made up of soft and hard sandstone. The soft sandstone eroded away, much faster than the hard sandstone, and left this breathtaking and creepy depression of this rock canyon. The sandstone has many colors – red iron, yellow ochre, oranges, and white chalk. It is truly an oddity of nature



Innumerable expanses of white sand emerge from the waters because of the low tide. They can be reached with some typical boats with transparent funds which it is possible see the spectacular backdrop of the coral barrier.
Once arrived on the atolls you can swim in clear waters together with many different types of colored fishes, you can find sea stars and, if you are lucky, you can also see the dolphins swimming beyond the coral barrier.
The time of permanence on the atolls is limited by the raising of the tide that, little by little, will submerge them and the boats wil be able to sail again for returning toward the coast.



Considered amongst the most impo rtant forests in Africa for it's bird conservation value, it is the global stronghold for one Globally Endangered, Spotted Ground Thrush, and five Globally Threatened species of birds — Sokoke Scops Owl, Sokoke Pipit, East Coast Akalat, Amani Sunbird, and Clarke's Weaver (which is found no-where else in the world).

It is also home to a large number of species restricted to the coastal strip and particularly forest.